I’m updating this page February 2014…

the-question-8My family joined a Classical Conversations community four years ago. I was first introduced to CC when my good friend Karla asked if I had the book Amusing Ourselves to Death. As a matter of fact, I did and thought it was an obscure title and asked why she was reading it. She told me that the moms in her homeschool group were going to discuss it.

Really? Say what? Anyone who would read a book like Amusing Ourselves to Death were my kind of people! I attended the book club and met some great women, did some investigation about CC, attended an open house and wanted in like yesterday!

To make a long story short, I tutored Essentials for 2 years and assumed I would do that forever because I had found my little niche in life with a group of 4th-6th graders and their moms for 2 hours every Monday.  Really, I loved it that much! But God had other plans and called me to direct Challenge 2 which I have been doing this school year and plan to do again next year. I love tutoring this great group of teens.

a look back at my homeschooling

When my firstborn was still in diapers, I was already thinking about homeschooling. I knew that I would probably homeschool my children and that I wanted the education to be literature-based rather than textbook-based. This led me to Valerie’s living books and the now-defunct yahoo group that she moderated. For years, I listened in on the conversations of other homeschooling moms who were educating their children in a way similar to how I wanted to do it someday.

Then I read the Well-Trained Mind by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. Things just started to click for me. I said yes, yes, yes. I liked how the authors explained and defined a classical education based on the trivium. This is what I wanted for my children. I just hadn’tphonicscov05hp.jpg put it in words yet. With the Bauer’s explanation of site reading, whole words and phonics , I chose Phonics Pathways to teach my children to read. I love this program. Their website says it best,

“Phonics is the process, sight reading is the result.”

As I re-read portions of the Well Trained Mind, I couldn’t wait to have my son reading so I could open a whole exciting world to him. My goal was to have him reading proficiently so we could start this classical education!

more classical education curriculum

I believe strongly in a classical Christian education but realize that Classical Conversations might not be for every family so I’ll list a few other classical curricula.


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  • 1. Janelle  |  November 25, 2007 at 12:32 am

    Hello! We just returned from North Platte where we were with some of your family for Thanksgiving. It was a good time. Luanna showed me your web site – so here I am. We are considering homeschooling the boys next year. I am glad for your insight and advice.


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