Tuesday menu

November 3, 2009 at 7:20 pm Leave a comment

This is what we ate on day 3 of my feed my family of six on $400 in November challenge.  You can read the details here.


Oatmeal, plus the kids finished off a box of Total. As an fyi, when the kids are eating something else, I need 3 cups of dry oatmeal to feed the six of us. Four cups if all we’re having is oatmeal. Todd and I had coffee.


Rice and bean tortillas made with leftovers from Sunday night. I just added a bunch of cheese and a can of evaporated milk and sprinkled some spices in.  Turned out pretty well.  We had sour cream and salsa along with it.  I set aside some beans and rice for Jackson and melted a piece of his rice cheese on top.  Plus we had green beans.


Whole wheat spaghetti.  Jackson had rice spaghetti with some creamy chicken and carrots leftover from Sunday on top of the noodles.  Caleb ate pizza at a friend’s house, and Todd took leftovers from today for work.


apples, bananas, finished off a package of animal crackers, J had a little fruit snack, raisins


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first receipts for my $100 a week grocery challenge 2nd batch of grocery receipts

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