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September 11, 2008 at 5:44 am 1 comment

I mentioned the idea of Sarah Palin being a modern day Deborah on my blog previously and I’m going to re-visit the idea. What follows are a sampling of those comparing Sarah Palin to Deborah in the biblical book of Judges.

The peasantry ceased, they ceased in Israel,
Until I, Deborah, arose,
Until I arose, a mother in Israel.  Judges 5:7

To quote Christine at the Fair Hill Farm weblog

Did you see that? Deborah defines herself a”mother” in Israel. I don’t know if she had young children at the time or older children, but she must have had some children to call herself a “mother.” This was the title she cherished. It is the title Sarah Palin cherishes.  I think at this time in our nation, we need more good leaders, but until we have enough righteous men doing the job, we have to accept righteous women.

Alisa at Faith and Frivolity writes,

I have told friends that I believe Sarah Palin is our Deborah. I’m old school – I prefer my leaders to be men. However, when men won’t lead (or lead appropriately) women fill in the gap. I think this is the case in this year’s election.

And here’s another reaction from Johnnie Byrd at crosswalk:

Sure we are elated that Sarah is pro-life and pro-family. But, my initial reaction was more spiritual. That may sound melodramatic, but I felt her choice was, in a word, biblical. (For those not steeped in religious conservative culture, having the feeling that God is working through Sarah Palin is kind of like the “tingling” that Chris Matthews says he has in his leg when he thinks of Obama.) I immediately recognized that the Palin surprise paralleled the story of Deborah in the Bible’s Book of Judges.

Doug Wilson continues to blog about the idea that Palin could be our next Deborah.

Thus, with this in mind, we should be able to accommodate the occasional Lydia or Deborah in a way that we will not be able to accommodate the Rev. Suzy Q. But in order to have the exceptions become the norm, we have to kick against the creation order that Paul uses in his argument, and we have to draw on broader feminist assumptions to do it…

So the Genesis order establishes a pattern for all of life. Paul takes that pattern and uses it to legislate for the Church. We have no authority to legislate in such a way as to exclude Lydias and Deborahs where the Scriptures have not excluded them, but we do have the authority to see that the comparative rarity of Lydias in the home or Deborahs in office are not examples of any kind of “injustice.” That’s just the way God made the world. Water runs downhill. Get used to it.

Gary DeMar, President of American Vision writes,

There is a warning and hope in the story of Deborah as God’s chosen judge during a time of Israel’s spiritual malaise. It’s a reminder that men need to become leaders. At the same time, we are not called on to judge the Deborahs of our time or those who support their civil work.

Why did Sarah Palin run to head the PTA? Where were the worthy men? Why did she run for mayor of Wasilla? Where were the worthy men? How did she beat an incumbent governor in the primary and go on to win the governorship? Where were the worthy men in this long election process? It seems to me that Sarah Palin got fed up and decided to do something about what was happening to her children’s school, her city, and her state. Sarah Palin’s candidacy is an indictment on the many men who have compromised their principles.


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too cute video of Piper Palin he can read a lot better; thank you Dianne Craft

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  • 1. Lulu Patton  |  September 15, 2008 at 9:45 am

    I believe that Sarah Palin could be the exceptional woman needed in this exceptional time. I got into a discussion with a homeschooling mother in Sacramento, CA about how biblically wrong it is to have a woman in leadership for any reason. Primarily because Palin is not the example she/they (other homeschoolers) want for their daughters. Sarah Palin has a high profile job and is a mother of 5. She way influence young women to go forego the traditional woman’s role for a career. She said she may not want to vote for McCain because Palin is on the ticket. Therefore, she may not vote at all. I think that she is a bit extreme in her worldview of women’s role in society. What do you think?

    Dear Lulu,
    Thanks so much for your thoughts and your question. I’ve been thinking about writing another post on this topic, but just haven’t gotten around to it since I’m a busy homeschooling wife and mother. I’ll try and get to it in the next couple of days so please look for it.

    Briefly, though, the Bible addresses women in the church not having leadership and authority over men. It does not prohibit women from having authority and positions in other areas of life. So, therefore, in my opinion, based on my interpretation of Scripture, women should not be pastors and elders in the church, but women may be the vice president of the USA.
    ~blessings, Guinever


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