2 boys, 8 eyes

August 18, 2008 at 9:20 pm 2 comments

Is that a weird headline or what???  I took the boys to the eye doctor today and both of them need corrective lenses. Alex is near-sighted and Caleb needs reading glasses.

Last week, when the Olympics started, Alex was sitting very close to the television because he couldn’t read the countries on the screen from a reasonable distance.  So I called the doctor and scheduled the appointments–something I’ve been intending to do but just hadn’t gotten around to making the call. One of those things that I thought would have been a well-check up and a co-pay and a couple hours lost time. Boy, was I wrong!

Fortunately, the glasses only need to be worn as needed. So for Caleb, we’ll just get them out for reading and Alex can wear his while attending homeschool co-op and while he watches his Latin and math lesson on DVD and maybe a few other times. I am going to seize control of the glasses when they are not on respective faces.

Alex is getting his braces off tomorrow so he’s going to have a retainer to keep track of as well as the glasses. Oh boy!

I’m thankful for Walmart. After getting the scripts at the eye doctor’s office, I asked them if they had any frames under $100. They had a few undesirable ones for $104 and that doesn’t include the lenses, so we went to Walmart. WOW. Lenses were only $30 each and the frames they picked out were $38 and $58. I was  hoping we would find some on the $10 rack but that just wasn’t meant to be. The $10 ones were mainly of the opaque pink or peach plastic round variety that look good on 3 and 4 year old girls. Alex found a black pair he liked, but they were too small for his face. So we had to upgrade the frame price which still wasn’t bad $68 and $88 for glasses.

They better not lose them or break them! They will be under strict orders to place the glasses in the hard cases and put up high out of Jackson’s reach when they’re not wearing them.


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  • 1. dooalot  |  August 19, 2008 at 7:09 am

    Good luck with that! 🙂 As you know, both my boys wear glasses, too… and both of them required at least one entire frame replacement early on due to breakage. Boys are hard on glasses… and if it’s not the frames, it’s the lenses getting scratched. They are MUCH better with them now, but it seems like that first year we had to get something or other replaced more than once with both of them. So, bravo indeed for Wal Mart’s prices! [In our case, we are just very fortunate to have really good eye care coverage.]

    The retainer… well that is about the same. Both boys lost at least one retainer that had to be replaced, before they got much better about taking care of them. It’s almost like it’s a requirement that they lose or break one. In fact… I believe the first replacement is free (or very cheap) at White Greer Maggard… because they expect the kids to lose them the first time.

  • 2. Cty  |  August 31, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Oh my, glasses – we have been through at least 1/2 a dozen pairs – you get used to them bending even breaking, taking them in for an adjustment until they beak in some unfixable way – can I tell you how much we just spent on a virtually indestructible pair WITH bifocals and transition lenses (Blythe spends a lot of time in the pool)? TOO MUCH (over $300!!!!!) They are also very ugly – but sturdy. I’m glad the boys like ’em plus they are a little older and can probably take better care of them than we have!


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