my super duper find at the grocery store #1, 2, and 3

February 20, 2008 at 11:41 pm 2 comments

One of the things that I’ve been intending to do on my blog was to tell you about the deals that I find at the grocery store. It doesn’t happen every week. Most of these I find at Meijers on their sale shelf in the back of the store by the milk or on their other sale shelf located next to the lobster tank which gives off a stench that I can’t stand.  For this first post, I’m just going to tell you about all the past ones I can think of.

  1. I bought apples for 25 cents a pound a couple weeks ago. Lots of apples. I brought them home and baked the biggest apple pie I’ve ever made.  There were a few apples with no blemishes, so I put those in the fridge to save for later. Thankfully, I have an apple peeler, corer slicer which made the job not so hard.  I would not have bought this many apples if I didn’t have this time saving tool.  I made applesauce with the remaining bruised apples.  I gave each of the kids a small bowl of applesauce after dinner, intending to save the rest for the next day.  Then I went to the living room where Jackson could nurse quietly. Ha. I guess I forgot to tell the kids, no more applesauce because then they helped themselves until you could see the bottom of the pot. O well.  We had the pie the next day.  I think I only threw away the equivalent of maybe 3 apples.  Pretty good, for 4 huge bags of them.
  2. 50 cents for flavored coffee creamer with a Christmas decorated container. I still have a couple of these in my fridge.
  3. I don’t remember how much they were–maybe a quarter each–but after Christmas last year (2006), there was an entire cart full of nestle chocolate chips that had red and green stripes on them. I threw a couple in my cart, then a few more, grabbed my milk, did a u-turn and put a few more in my cart. (chocolate chips don’t go bad and keep well in the freezer. I figured I could stock up for the rest of my life or something at this price)This gave new meaning to “stock up sale.”  I considered switching carts. You know, just pushing the cart full of chips up to the register and buying them all. I could have shared them with family and friends. But I resisted.

Most of the products on these shelves are not what I would consider good deals. A lot of them are discontinued overpriced specialty products that won’t sell and they’re still not selling because the price is too high. I mean how about a 12 oz box of organic cereal for $4.39. no thank-you. And a small jar of gourmet pickles for the same price. Again no thanks.

But my all-time favorite product on the sale shelf is lightbulbs. There has been a small stack of lightbulbs for at least 6 months. Who is going to buy these? No body who is sane. The manager just needs to cut the losses, open them up and use them in his office if they work.


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moments from ballet class carbs have never been so cheap: deal #4

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  • 1. Uncle Sam  |  February 23, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Mary, It was so nice to see your ballet class! I especially like the green flag. I can’t wait to see you dance the next time we see you!
    Love Uncle Sam

  • 2. Whitney  |  February 23, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    Oh, you are my kind of girl! Let’s go shopping together and find some more bargains! I love it when that happens.


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