does the movie director feel threatened by my little blog?

September 7, 2007 at 5:25 pm 3 comments

I was vastly amused to come home from vacation and see a comment on my post, “too bad about Arctic Tale” from the director of Arctic Tale. I was surprised that she would take the time to respond to my smallish personal blog. I’m a homeschooling mom who happened to read a few reviews and then came to the conclusion that I do not want to take my children to see the movie because it is coming from the global warming perspective.

Does she feel threatened by my review? Let me tell you that as of today there have been a whopping 67 views on that post. This is perhaps my least popular post of all time. Most of the hits are probably from my faithful friends and family reading it. There has been a recent spike the last couple days, possibly the director checking back to see if I have responded to her comment.

I have included her comment below, edited only for typos and spelling.

I am the director of Arctic Tale. Let me suggest to you that you should not believe so much of what you read on the internet. I have learned that most of it is mashed up words of others’ uninformed opinions.

My movie is very well worth seeing. It is totally accurate and based on my 15 years of work in the Arctic. It is not made up, but a representation of what is happening to polar bears and walruses based on our understanding of them. It is an inspirational story that will make you and your kids laugh and cry. In other words it is a good story.

The fart sequence is all of 30 seconds long, the music is easy folk music. There is one song, We are Family” that you will recognize and that many people like.

The animals don’t have a mundane life, in fact we show how their lives are quite remarkable.

We don’t mention the words, “Global Warming” in the movie at all. In fact, the message is very soft. Kids at the end of the movie merely offer suggestions at what can be done to live a healthier, more sustainable life. Nothing is crammed down anyone’s throat. In fact we decided to make the credit sequence in the movie because so many people were coming up to us asking what they could do in their everyday lives to help combat a warming world.

The movie is educational and directed towards children. It is all about how animals learn new behavior, which is a remarkable thing to witness.

I would like to respond to some of her points. First of all, I don’t just believe anything I read. I went first and foremost to World Magazine, a place whose Christian, conservative , political world view is the same as mine. Then I read a variety of professional movie reviews as well opinions from average consumers.

It seems that the consensus about the “fart sequence” was that it was excessive and vulgar. Many people complained about the music. I was just reporting what others had said.

The term, “global warming,” may never be mentioned but this message came over loud and clear. The director admitted that the message was soft. Just saying that there is a message implies and proves that there is a message.

Why not film the animals and show the animals. In other words, show, don’t tell. That’s what March of the Penguins did. It had no political agenda and it didn’t personify the animals. It showed in 2506 theaters and grossed $77,437,223 in America and $127,392,238 worldwide. In contrast, Arctic Tale released in 227 theaters has a domestic gross of $737,16 and $960,196.

That’s a huge difference at the box office and I think it’s because of this “soft message.” The majority of people just don’t want to see that. The director said that the movie was directed at children. If it had been just about the animals with no contrived storyline and not aimed at children, then perhaps everyone, young and old would love it.


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too bad about “arctic tale” pictures from Nebraska: a slideshow

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Alisa Beatty  |  September 7, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    Tsk, tsk, Guinever! How dare you be a responsible parent who screens what her children see. Apparently you underestimate your “little blog”!

  • 2. Karla  |  September 10, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    You go, girl : )

  • 3. Heather  |  September 11, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    Heh, I thought that was the one of the cardinal rules of being a professional writer/creative person: Thou shalt not trawl the internet and defend thyself passionately against disapproving reviews. To do so will make you look petty and ridiculous, regardless of the veracity of your talking points.

    I mean, people were laughing at Anne Rice for months after she got on Amazon and tried to chastize people who had negatively reviewed one of her books.


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