too bad about “arctic tale”

August 4, 2007 at 3:53 pm 3 comments

I was hoping I could take my boys to the movie Arctic Tale and let them see some great footage about the polar bears and walruses. But after reading several reviews, we’ll have to wait for the DVD where we can watch with the mute button turned on. I’ve read that the music is bad, the flatulence is rampant and global warming is shoved down your throat during the credits in case you missed the message during the film narrated by Queen Latifah. The message, that is, that we humans are destroying the polar bears’ landscape by using too much electricity and taking showers that are too long.

The liberal Dove foundation has this to say about the film:

The closing message presents a single point of view that has as many detractors as it does supporters. Since we believe that parents should decide what political or environmental perspectives their children should adopt, we recommend “Arctic Tale for audiences over the age of 12.

It’s too bad that the filmmakers have taken 10 years of Arctic footage and condensed it into 88 minutes of global warming hype filled with walrus’ flatulance and bad music. Edited out is real life. We don’t get to see how the polar bears survive: savagely ripping apart other animals.

The Hollywood Reporter compares the film’s message to Al Gore’s message. That alone makes me back away. “The voice-over sometimes resorts to blatant message-mongering,” writes Stephen Farber.

John Dawson, reviewing the movie for World Magazine writes

Perhaps sensing the mundanity of their creatures’ lives (hunting, lounging, passing gas), Ravetch and Robertson attempt to inject crisis into the lives of the animals with the looming specter of global warming.

Please, please, please won’t somebody somewhere make an animal movie that is just about the animals?


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celebrating 15 years does the movie director feel threatened by my little blog?

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  • 1. Jennifer  |  August 6, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks for sharing this with me. I’d considered taking the kids with the homeschool group. I was very disappointed in the way Happy Feet went, and am glad to have gotten the scoop on this before spending my money!

    I’ll get out March of the Penguins and watch that again now…

  • 2. Julie  |  August 22, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    Hello Guinever, I just found your site through Rebecca’s Denmark Blog. I met you at the park the last play date for Tate’s Creek and I knew I liked your style from the standardized test remark, now I know I do! I’m enjoying your blog(s)-didn’t know you were a doula and such a proponent of natural childbirth! We did order math-u-see per our conversation about it and although all we’ve done so far is play, we like it! Thanks for the tip on Arctic Tale. I’ll check back often or maybe I’ll run into you again soon.

  • 3. Sarah Robertson  |  September 4, 2007 at 10:32 pm

    I am the director of Arctic Tale. Let me suggest to you that you should not believe so much of waht you read on the internet. I have learned that most of it is mashed up words of others un-informed opinions.

    My movie is very well worth seeing. It is totally accurate and based on my 15 years of work in the Arctic. It is not made up, but a representation of what is happening to polar bears and walrus based on our understanding of them. It is an inspirational story that will make you and your kids laugh and cry. In other words it is a good story.

    The fart sequence is all of 30 seconds long, the music is easy folk music. There is one song, We are Family” that you will recognize and that many people like.

    The animals don’t have a mundane life, in fact we show how there lives are quite remarkable.

    We don’t mention the words Global Warming in the movie at all. In fact the message is very soft. Kids at the end of the movie merley offer suggestions at what can be done to live a healthyer, more sustainable life. Nothing is crammed done anyone’s throat. In fact we decided to make the credit seqeunce in the movie because so many people were coming up to us asking what they could do in their everyday lives to help combat a warming world.

    The movie is educatioal and directed towards children. It is all about how animals learn new behaviour, which is a remarkable thing to witness.

    Dear Sarah, please refer here for my response to your comment. ~Thanks, Guinever


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