we started school today…

July 23, 2007 at 11:14 pm Leave a comment

We started back to school today. We’re going to spend the next four weeks studying Ancient Rome before heading to Nebraska.  Then when we come back, we’ll do school “full-time” again, whatever that means.

Alex wanted to know if he could start reading history while I was making his omelet. Alright! That’s the attitude I like to see. Mary loved painting with Caleb, but she didn’t like her 30 minute roomtime. She cried for the first half of it.  She used to play in her room by herself with no problem, but today she decided to act like the most persecuted female.

Then when it came time for Alex to do a literature worksheet about a book whose main character is a girl, Alex suddenly became the most persecuted boy in the world. He was embarrassed to write about a girl. I called in reinforcement and his dad reminded him that he enjoyed reading all the Little House on the Prairie books.  That was different. He likes the Bible stories about girls and women. That’s different too.  Ah well, after a little chat on the phone with his dad, Alex buckled down and answered his questions and pretty quickly too.

I’m also going to have Alex write a fable this month. He was able to explain to me what a fable is since he’s read Aesop’s fables. But he didn’t like the idea of having to write his own. I told him he didn’t have to write anything today; we would just talk about it. I wanted him to decide what animals he was going to make his story about. He resisted at first. I kept suggesting animals, most of which were lizards since reptiles are his specialty. Then he said, how about a porcupine? I thought that was a fabulous idea and told him so.  I didn’t even have to prompt him for what came next.

The porcupine and the eagle. The moral of the story is that proudness leads to destruction. The eagle was proud and thought that he could eat the porcupine.  Is that a good idea? Well, am I allowed to have the same moral that’s in some other stories?

I told him it was fine. Then I secretly wondered if he has read a fable about an eagle and a porcupine. I searched on google and didn’t come up with anything, so I’m mostly convinced that it his original idea.


Mary got a splinter today in her foot. She also did a somersault off the dining room bench and landed on her nose. I think it was more traumatic for Alex and Caleb than it was for Mary. Don’t get me wrong. Mary hollered quite loud and long, which contributed to the boys’ fears. Alex thought we should call his dad and Caleb started to cry too.  I kept reassuring Caleb that Mary was alright. He kept saying he knew that she was alright, but he was scared. He kept telling me to clean up the blood.  I told him I would wipe the blood off the floor when I was done holding Mary. I pray that Caleb will someday not be so afraid when he sees blood. It’s something he needs to work through. I wish I could carry this burden for him.


Jackson is a quick mover! No more scootching for him. He crawls. When he wants to go somewhere, he goes without hesitation. He could be our fastest crawler. He also goes exploring, out of sight. I don’t remember the other four kids doing that at such a young age. His favorite places to go are in the closet behind the pantry where he pulls all the bottles of salad dressing off the bottom shelf. He also likes to roam into the boys’ room where he either goes to the closet if the doors are open or he heads for the army men all set up in the corner of the room and he unsets them.  The third place he goes is my bathroom and he opens the bottom drawer and pulls everything out.


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