how using firefox simplifies homeschool planning

July 20, 2007 at 9:41 pm 2 comments

This article is written specifically about my planning with Tapestry of Grace using the browser Firefox. You could probably do the same thing in another browser which uses tabs and also with any homeschooling endeavor that uses many resources.

a benefit of using firefox

One of the benefits to using a tabbed browser is you can have everything you need all lined up at the top of your screen. You can quickly move between them–click, click, click. With other browsers, you have the links on the bottom of the screen and have to close and open, minimize and maximize, close and open (you know the drill).

using firefox saved me time because of the tabs

For planning my unit with Tapestry of Grace, I had my curriculum notebook open on my desk in front of me (dotless with no page protectors in case you were wondering–that’s an inside joke to TOG users). I also had the following 10 tabs open in my firefox browser:

With all these tabs open, I didn’t have to go searching for each week’s lessons because all these things were just right in front of me. This literally saved me hours of planning and organizing time over what I have done in the past. Previously, I had jumped all over the Tapestry website, sometimes wondering, “Where did information go I saw a couple minutes ago?”

how I planned my homeschooling quarter using Tapestry of Grace and firefox

First, I looked at the books I needed for the week in my unit plan. Then I looked up the books in the online catalog at my local library and placed them on hold and indicated that in my notebook. If the library didn’t have a book, I referred to my book list to see how many weeks it was used. If it was used for just one week, I made an inter-library loan request. If a book was used for many weeks and seemed essential, instead of relying on I.L.L., I ordered it from the bookshelf using credit earned from my share and save account. I also referred to to see if I could get an expensive book really cheap or to to quickly compare prices.

Second, I clicked on the loom and printed student activity pages (known as SAPs for short) that corresponded with the books that I was getting. Then I clicked on the evaluations and printed off the week’s quiz. Then I referred to the write aids to assign a writing assignment for the week. When all this was done, I collected the papers together and put them in a notebook and moved onto the next week, following the same format.

Finally, I went to my map aids CD and printed out all the maps and put them in a separate folder. I plan to have the kids use tracing paper to make map overlays each week.

And that was it. Having all those tabs with my browser while planning Tapestry saved loads of time! What a great time to homeschool with all these resources available to us.

download firefox now or just go there to learn more.

read more about Tapestry of Grace and how you can try 3 weeks for free. Tapestry is a classical Christian curriculum


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  • 1. Pam in SE MI (TOG loose threads)  |  July 20, 2007 at 10:44 pm

    We don’t have firefox, but I did almost the same thing when planning out our new TOG year also! I love, love, love tabs! I don’t have Write Aids though, so I couldn’t have a tab open for that. Still need to add in the writing assignments by hand. Glad you got all that done Guinever, I hope you have a great start next week!

  • 2. Heather  |  July 25, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    Oh, I’m a huge fan of Firefox. Won’t use Microsoft anymore at all. Their new browser boasts tabs, but the rest of it is so weird and buggy I won’t go near it. Good luck with school starting!


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