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July 16, 2007 at 12:33 pm 1 comment

My application for doula certification with DONA International is in the mail. And all I can say is FINALLY. I hope I have all the papers and evaluations and birth essays and boxes checked on the multitude of necessary forms. I double checked and triple checked and maybe even checked some more. I guess I’m not confident in my ability to have gotten everything into the envelope that needs to be there. It has taken me four years to finally finish this up. Life kept getting in the way!

In late 2003, I decided I wanted to pursue certification. I looked into the different certifying agencies and went with DONA. I hosted a training workshop at Baby Moon in Lexington because I knew some others who wanted to pursue certification as well. I bought my certification packet a few weeks before the workshop. But then the trainer cancelled because we didn’t have enough people signed up. So I scheduled another training for October. I was excited about being a doula and attended a few births, but these births were not counting towards certification because I hadn’t attended the workshop yet.

So in October, we held the training workshop and it was a wonderful 2 days. I was due to have a baby in less than a month and I couldn’t possibly attend enough births before my baby came. So I would have to wait many more months before my new baby was old enough for me to leave her.

Then my daughter died. I shoved my doula certification to the very back burner, hiding all the paperwork and books in a cupboard.

Then I got pregnant again. I continued doula-ing. I love going to births! In this time, I even got enough evaluations and qualifying births under my belt. I wanted to quick, finish it up before this next baby came. Then a friend died. Certification would have to wait. I still needed to write an essay. I had planned to work on it a little each night after the kids went to bed, but by that time, I was TIRED and I needed to rest and do mindless things and writing an essay on the purpose and value of labor support should’ve come easy to me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So jump to a few weeks ago and now this baby that I had is 10 months old and all that paperwork has been calling to me from inside the cupboard.

One day earlier this month, my wonderful husband sent me an e-mail to say that he was taking off work the next day so I could have the day off (from the kids and normal responsibility). Only if it was ok with me though. That was a no-brainer! Of course, I wanted him to do that!

He said if I wanted to stay in, he would take the kids out of the house. Or if I wanted to go out, he would stay at home. I suggested that I stay at home in the morning and he take the kids to the pool (this was the kids’ routine anyway) then come home after lunch for naptime. Then I would go out about the time the little ones would be waking up.

Suddenly, my goal became to get this packet in the mail the next day. But when I looked at my paperwork, I discovered it had expired long ago. I was hoping to just buy an extension online. I called DONA and asked them what I needed to do. I had to purchase another certification packet because I was long past just getting a 6 month extension. Oh well. I guess I wouldn’t be mailing it that day. I worked on my essay and decided on a question and answer format. It was supposed to written for someone who didn’t know about doulas.

So anyway, I got my new certification packet and then I mailed all my stuff off today. Now I have to wait. Eight weeks. Then I will be certified…hopefully.


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  • 1. dad  |  July 16, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    So now we know why there is a doula FAQ on that other weblog.

    good work.


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