a campaign call rant

May 16, 2007 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

The other day I got a campaign call urging me to vote for Billy Harper in the Kentucky primary because he was the only candidate for governor who has promised not to raise my taxes. And I’m taxed enough, right? Therefore, I need to vote for Harper. After I listened to the campaigner’s plea, I asked her why she was calling from Oregon (I have caller ID). She told me she was calling from Oregon because that’s where she lived. So then I asked her why she was working for a Kentucky campaign. The question flustered her, and she told me that she didn’t have the answer to my question and then hung up.

I have to admit Harper’s name didn’t register with me. So I looked him up on the internet. Who was this Kentucky candidate who had outsourced his campaign calls to Oregon? That really kind of bothered me. I mean I really believe in grassroots and local work for campaigns and here I am getting a call from the West coast. Then I saw one of Harper’s commercials on TV promising to bring jobs to Kentucky. I wondered how he could create more jobs in Kentucky when he wasn’t even running his phone bank from Kentucky. Now maybe I’m wrong on this point. I’m pretty sure it was Harper’s ad but maybe I’m confusing him with one of the seven democratic candidates for governor. Yes, we have 10 candidates for governor on the May 22nd ballot.

Today I got another call from Oregon with the exact same questions about taxes. And I told him that someone else had called me from Oregon a few days ago. He told me that they were commissioned for the campaign.

Moving on to another candidate. Last night we received automated phone calls at 9:15, 9:38 and then again at 10:30 for Northup’s campaign. I also received one from her campaign earlier in the day. Four calls about the same person in one day. Oh Anne, do you know what you’re doing? I almost called you last night at home because I’m pretty confident you were not aware that your automated phone bank was on the glitch. But I didn’t call you at home. Instead, I called your campaign headquarters listed on your website right after that 10:30 P.M. call.

Anne’s campaign has apologized for all the calls, saying it was a mistake.

Several months ago, I considered casting a vote for Ann Northup because she has lost a child and I have lost a child. I can really relate to her as a mother in that way. So is that a stupid reason to vote for someone? Probably. Should I vote for Governor Fletcher because that’s who my hubby is voting? They’re both big government Republicans, so what does it matter anyway? A different face in Frankfort might be a welcome change. Or should I vote for Harper, who according to the polls has no chance of winning, and who keeps calling me from Oregon?

See you at the polls next Tuesday. I’m still undecided.


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