Part 2: will somebody please just empty my rosie?

May 4, 2007 at 9:06 pm Leave a comment

You know you have a problem when the operations manager of solid waste for the Lexington, Fayette Urban County Government comes and knocks on your door.

In mid-March, I first told you about a recurring problem we were having on Mondays with our recycling container not being emptied. My mother-in-law thought it was funny that our city is so attached to its containers that it names them.

Well, after that post, our rosie was emptied the first week. I crossed my fingers and hoped our problem was solved. But then the following week, it did not get emptied. I didn’t write about it at the time because I was annoyed, really annoyed, and I didn’t want my trash man going postal on me.

When I called LexCall to report that our rosie had not been emptied, they told me that the driver had radioed in at 8:31 a.m. to say that our container was not on the curb. That’s simply not true. My husband had rolled all our containers to the curb the night before and I had peeked out the window before going to bed just to make sure they were out by the driveway. The lady at LexCall said that our house had been “flagged” and the driver was required to radio in when he emptied the container.

I wondered if the city employee was vindictive or just plain lazy. Was he out to make us look bad? or did he sit in front of my house where the rosie can’t be seen? He would have needed to drive around the bend in the road where he could see our containers by the driveway. The operator at LexCall transferred me to solid waste and I talked with the woman who had been so helpful a few weeks earlier. She then transferred me to the supervisor. He maintained that the driver radioed in to say our rosie was not on the curb. I told him it was on the curb just like it had been every week for the past nine years and we had never had a problem with it before.

So the next day, I waited til noon and still no one emptied my rosie. With my past experience, I knew that the call truck was usually done before noon or a little later. In previous weeks, I had tried to be patient and waited, but that always got me the news that the driver was done for the day and had gone home. So I called. It was then that I found out that the supervisor of the department was going to personally come and empty my rosie.

So my rosie got emptied in the early evening. Then the next day, the supervisor came to my house and I explained my theory of why I thought my house was being missed. I live in a little bend in the road that connects two parallel streets. The two streets are being serviced, but I’m in the middle and the driver isn’t coming down my way.

My councilman suggested that there be a route change so my house wouldn’t be missed. Four weeks went by with our rosie being emptied as it should be. A week ago, I was thinking that I should post an update to let you know about my one bad week and also tell you things were going smoothly again.

But then this week, it happened again; our rosie was full. Good grief. I called LexCall, but it was after hours and I reached voicemail. Was this an emergency? I was tempted to push the button and be transferred for an afterhours emergency, but I didn’t. I did leave a message, though. Then I called in the morning, just in case messages aren’t checked in a timely fashion. Hey, all I want is my rosie container emptied every Monday morning like its supposed to be, just like my herbie and lenny. Yes, my house was on record as being missed and my rosie would be emptied sometime this week.

I e-mailed my councilman to let him know our house had been missed again. I’ve been keeping him “in-the-loop” at his request and he has been informing the “big dogs” of our situation. Apparently this is a city-wide problem. He said he had elevated our problem to the commissioner level. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but if we have a permanent solution to our problem, I’ll be happy.

So then the operations manager of solid waste came to my house. The last time it had been the supervisor. If there’s a next time and I hope that there won’t be, maybe the mayor himself will come look at my driveway and rosie container. Anyway, she assured me that she thinks the problem will be solved. I told her that I hope so, but I’ll just have to wait and see.


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