in the dentist chair: the funny side of getting a crown

May 3, 2007 at 2:31 pm 2 comments

The dentist said, you might feel a little vibrating. Translation: you might feel like I’m using a jack hammer. A little vibrating? Now that had to be the understatement of the 2 hours that I sat in the dental chair for getting a crown.

Drilling. How many different kind of drill heads and speeds are there? So many different noises. I wasn’t too impressed with the assistant’s skills at keeping my mouth clean. A couple different times, I had to pick large filling particles out of my mouth. She left a huge glop of impression goo in my mouth that I had to fish out as well. Plus, she kept spraying my chin, nose and eyes with water.

The dentist went away for awhile to let some things set up in my mouth. When he came back, he started drilling again. That took me by surprise. I had assumed we were done. I felt some nerve pain. You know the kind where it hurts a little and it’s ok, but if it goes any deeper, it will hurt a lot and you definitely don’t want that to happen. So you think, I don’t want to say something because they’re probably almost done and I don’t need more pain meds. But then you get tense and more tense and it starts to hurt a little more and then you can’t stand it and you decide to let the dentist know that you’re feeling what he’s doing. Well, I got to that point. I made a little noise. Or maybe it was a big noise because he immediately got out more carbo. He didn’t even ask me if I wanted more numbing. He just slid the needle into my mouth.

At some point, I had a rest where no one was working in my mouth. I could hear the news on above my head and I was interested in the story. I opened my eyes, but my left eye was dragging. It twitched. I closed my eyes and tried again. Still it twitched as I tried to open it and both eyes started watering. Oh well. Hope it wears off before I need to drive home.

When the dentist came back, he put the mold into my mouth and told me to bite down. Now bite down on the other side, he said.  Good. Now just hold it for five minutes. Then he walked away.

FIVE MINUTES! Are you kidding me? I’m gonna lie here horizontal for five whole minutes trying to control my hyper gag reflex with a huge thingie in my mouth that is slippery and slimy. The assistant sat me up a bit. I couldn’t swallow and my salivary glands were suddenly working overtime. I started mopping up the steady stream of drool with that dental bib around my neck. The assistant noticed and handed me some tissues. Thanks. I needed that. So I held the tissues to my mouth and kept folding them over. Drooling and having to clean up after myself apparently was a pretty good distraction because the five minutes went by a lot quicker than I might have expected.


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  • 1. papa  |  May 16, 2007 at 9:31 am

    I suggest you move to Lincoln and get your crowns from Dr. King! None of what you described, I promise, will happen to you in his office 🙂 I did laugh out loud when I read this piece.
    Dad VC

    I’m glad I gave you a laugh for the day. Everything but the dental assistant part might happen in another office, though. I have a very bad reaction to the epinephrine in dental anesthetics, so I need to have “carbo” instead. It’s fast acting but it wears off quickly too–that’s why I needed more. Not to mention it radiates up to my eyeballs! One time the carbo didn’t work to numb inside my mouth; it was numbing my back instead. The dentist kept giving me more and more. Finally, he slipped me a “normal shot” and left the room. I asked the dental assistant if he just gave me some epinephrine. She called out to the dentist and told him that I figured it out. Good grief! Did they think I wouldn’t notice my heart racing and my legs jerking uncontrollably? I switched dentists after that! ~ Guinever

  • 2. Karla  |  May 27, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    Guinever, you are hilarious!


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