who can homeschool with all this going on?

February 8, 2007 at 3:07 am 3 comments

Sometimes it seems like I spend all day long just moving from one spill or minor household disaster to the next. Allow me to describe the events of a recent morning.

I had just wiped down the kitchen counters and gotten everything put away from the breakfast we had eaten a few hours earlier when people were hungry again. Caleb asked if he could make an omelette. (making omelettes is his current hobby). I said yes, and then went to check on Mary who was taking a bath. I arrived just in time to stop her from pouring out my new 32 ounce bottle of shampoo into the water.

I went back to the kitchen and found a broken egg on the floor. Caleb said he guessed he couldn’t have an omelette afterall. I told him that of course he could still make an omelette! I wiped up the slippery mess while he whisked his eggs and got out the cheese.

Mary was calling me. She was out of the tub and on the toilet. I helped her and then went back to the kitchen. Now it was Alex who wanted to cook some eggs; he likes his fried. He wanted me to turn them over. I’m trying to teach my kids to do things on their own, so instead of just flipping his eggs over which would have been quick and easy, I showed him how to do it and talked him through it. He wasn’t quite getting the spatula far enough under the egg so I demonstrated again, telling him he needed to slide the spatula a little quicker. So Alex slid the spatula faster the next time. The egg flew out of the pan, and finished cooking on the burner.

Where was Mary? She should’ve made an appearance by now. Since she hadn’t, she must be doing something that I wish Mary Poppins could clean up for me.  Yup, I found her still in  the bathroom, the toilet paper pulled off the roll and on the floor. This was much preferable to finding it still on the roll in the toilet. She had done that 3 times last week.

Back to the kitchen. Mary wanted an omelette too, so Caleb made her one. I followed her to the living room to herd her to her room so she could get dressed. Instead, she peed on the floor.

I got out my Hoover steam vac. Mary had peed one time too many times on my carpet. It was due for a cleaning anyway. Baby Jackson was asleep, so I wanted to take advantage of this little window of opportunity before he woke up. I had used the steam vac several times. It’s practically as easy as vacuuming. But this time it wasn’t working right. I had a big wet spot on my floor because the machine wasn’t suctioning. It was blowing air instead. Great. My 20 minute job was going to take a lot longer. I played with it for a couple minutes, trying to figure it out. Nothing worked. I cried for a few seconds, then I took a deep breath.

First, I tried to find the manual online. No luck. Then I called my husband who suggested I call the guy at the store we bought it from. I had actually thought of that, but just wasn’t in the mood to talk to a stranger. I made the call and he talked me through it. I had the lid to the recovery tank on incorrectly. I turned the vac back on and it was suctioning. Yeah. Success. I finished the job and dumped out the dark brown water.

Now it was time to scrape fried egg off my stove burner. Who has time for school? And then I realized this is part of school. Our routine. Making eggs. Learning.


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  • 1. Karla  |  February 9, 2007 at 9:42 pm

    What a day, Guinever. I’m glad you got through it with such grace. I was practically cheering outloud when I read that you got the wet-vac working. That’s a victory worth writing about!

  • 2. Laura  |  February 10, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Ha ha! Well my only comment is… if you are trying to teach your kids to do things themselves, then why were YOU the one wiping egg messes up off the floor or the stove? 🙂 No, don’t answer that. I know why. I have watched my boys “clean up” after themselves many times.

  • 3. guinever  |  February 10, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    Hello Ms. do alot! Very good point! I do usually have my kids clean up their spills, but when it comes to slimy eggs that could spread out on my entire kitchen floor, well…I’m going to wipe it up.


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